Today we are starting a series on Python programming called Python Function OF The Day(PFOTD) to show you all how we can use these built-in functions to enrich your python capabilities. The concept of this series is simple, learning a simple python built function for one day. We have around 70+ built-in functions which we are going to cover in this series. A brief overview of how these series go on and skeleton of each post as below.

Built-in Python functions

Built-in Functions
abs() divmod() input() open() staticmethod()
all() enumerate() int() ord() str()
any() eval() isinstance() pow() sum()
basestring() execfile() issubclass() print() super()
bin() file() iter() property() tuple()
bool() filter() len() range() type()
bytearray() float() list() raw_input() unichr()
callable() format() locals() reduce() unicode()
chr() frozenset() long() reload() vars()
classmethod() getattr() map() repr() xrange()
cmp() globals() max() reversed() zip()
compile() hasattr() memoryview() round() __import__()
complex() hash() min() set() apply()
delattr() help() next() setattr() buffer()
dict() hex() object() slice() coerce()
dir() id() oct() sorted() intern()
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The way we are going to write these are as follows

Over view of Python built-in function post

  1. Introduction to the function and it’s need
  2. Syntax of built-in function
  3. Examples of these built-in functions
  4. Related python built-in functions.


That is all about from our end on this. Please feel free to comment your thoughts on this.