Does rm, cp, mv etc work alphabetically?

Q. Is rm -rf * removes the files in alphabetically? Simple answer is yes, the files/folders are removed in alphabetic sequence. I ran strace command to support my answer. I have 4 files in my dir as shown below [email protected]:~/scripts/temp/temp$ ls -lrt total 0 -rw-rw-r– 1 surendra surendra 0 Oct 10 23:55 c.txt -rw-rw-r– 1(…)

how to read or view utmp, wtmp and btmp files in Linux/Unix

View utmp, wtmp and btmp files In Linux/Unix operating systems everything is logged some where. Most of the system logs are logged in to /var/log folder. This folder contains logs related to different services and applications. In this folder we have some files such as utmp, wtmp and btmp. These files contains all the details(…)

How to generate GPG key in Linux?

Generating GPG key in Linux Q. Recently when we are building a RPM package using rpm-build we come across a requirement to have GPG key inserted in to the package for security and authenticity of the rpm package, so that people will come to know it came from us. This prompted us to create our(…)

Linux Directory Structure explained: /boot folder

Linux /boot folder This is the first post on our series of Linux Directory structure posts. From today onwords we will deep dive you in some of the important directories in Linux. Knowing about these directories a Linux user will know what each directory meant for. Lets start with alphabetical order. Our first Directory is(…)

Basics of SELinux in Linux

Basics of SElinux What is SELinux? SELinux is a set of security policies/modules which are going to apply on the machine to improve the overall security of the machine. These are the Linux security modules(LSM) which are loaded in to kernel to improve security on accessing services/files which improve security. SELinux is short form of(…)

How to mount DVD or CDROM in Linux

Q. How con I view a DVD-ROM or CDROM content on my Linux box? DVDROM (Digital Versatile Disk Read-only memory) and CDROM (Compact Disc Read-only memory) are optical storage devices to store your data for future uses or for backups. May people use these disks to store movies, photos etc. By default many older Linux(…)

How to mount ISO image files in Linux?

Mounting iso images is a bit tricky one step procedure to access image file content. There are hardware files called loop devices which are located in /dev/. These loop hardware files are used to mount already formated files such as ISO, IMG, NRG files for local access. They range from loop0 to loop7. So in(…)

Change shell properties with Linux shopt command

Bash shopt command explained  with examples Shopt(SHell OPTions) is a built-in command to change the properties of a shell such as.. Its history behavior Spell check Enable special characters for echo command by default and many more. This is an excellent command which give more control on Shell for you when you are working on bash(…)

25+ Awesome Linux/Unix command chaining examples

Command chaining is a concept to execute two or more commands in one execution to increase. productivity Reduce system resource usage (In some cases) Short and sweet codes. These are supported by almost every shell we know. Today we will learn how to use different command chaining operators available for us in an easy way.(…)

Linux Bash Shell auto completion and Wild cards

Bash is one of the best shell available in Linuix and Unix OS. This is due to its capabilities such as history shortcuts Auto completion and file  wild cards command chaining We already discussed about history and shortcuts in some older posts. Today we will see how we can use BASH Shell to do auto(…)