What is the meaning of trailing dot in drwxr-xr-x Linux file permissions?

Q. Today I am came across a strange permissions listing ie dot, What is meant by dot in file/folder permissions in drwxr-xr-x in Linux?

This is actually a small post, which is asked by one of the requester. This is a special permission in Linux which is recently included. Some times you will be seeing dot at the trailing end of permissions


ls -l Videos

drwxr-xr-x. 3 surendra surendra 4096 2011-07-06 00:19 Videos


If you observe you will find 11th character to the initial 10 characters permission field available in Linux. This is new and is available in Linux when SELinux is included in the package from RHEL5+.

When using SELinux(Security Enhanced Linux ) the files/folder permissions are set in different way. The dot is indicating that files/folders are set with some sort of SELinux permissions on them.

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  • ravi

    but what is actually use of the same?

    • The bit is to indicate SELinux is enabled which will improve security of your machine.