If you are on this page, that indicates you are keen or just though of sharing your knowledge. We love that too, sharing knowledge improves your thought process.

Ok, What you can contribute?

Any thing related to Linux(All flavors), Unix(Aix, Solaris, HP-UX anything you think of), Server side scripting(Shell scripting, Python, Perl, Ruby, Go, SQL etc), Devops(AWS, KVM, Docker, packer, Vagrant etc), Configuration management tools(Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt etc). Just anything which feel to share. Do not hesitate to share, just mail me at [email protected] if you require some push. You can submit even small stuff too. For linuxnix.com quantity does not matter, Only quality matters.


In what format we accept your contributions?

We accept if your document is

How-to do XYZ

Why is XYZ happening?

What is XYZ in ABC?

XYZ tips you should know

10 XYZ command examples

Best way to configure XYZ

hacks, Tutorials etc. You just name it we review it and post it or suggest you edits. Sky is the limit and dont hesitate to contact me. .

Can I copy and paste from other sites?

No, We take plagiarism in to consideration and we dont want to be part of steeling some one knowledge.

Please do not submit copy righted content (You must either be the author of the material or have the original author’s consent to publish it).Please don’t submit incomplete tutorials – we can publish only finished tutorials and you can get help from us if you struck somewhere.


If you are good at content writing and found some mistakes, you are always welcome to mail [email protected]