CHGRP(CHange GRouP) is one more command which is useful to change group associated to a file/folder from one group to other in a Linux box. This is sister command to chown which is used to change owner of the file/folder as well as group name associated with that file.

chgrp command syntax:


 chgrp options groupname file/foldername


Learn chgrp with examples:

Example1: Change group name:sales of a file to other group name:hrgroup.

chgrp hrgroup file1

Example2: Give access permissions to a command so that the command can be executed by all users belonging to apache-admins

chgrp apache-admins /etc/init.d/httpd

Example3: Change group ownership all the files located in /var/apache to group:apache

chgrp -R apache /var/apache

Example4:Change group ownership forcefully

chgrp -f apache /var/apache

Difference between chown and chgrp

1) chown command is used to change ownership as well as group name associated to different one, where as chgrp can change only group associated to it.

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2) Many people say that regular user only able to use chgrp to change the group if the user belongs to them. But it’s not true a user can use chown and chgrp irrespective to change group to one of their group because chown is located in /bin folder so every can use it with some limited access.


 Usages of chgrp command:

1)Used to change group ownership from one group to other group for a file/folder

2)As a security measure if you want to give permissions to a command to some group you can use this command.

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