How to setup two IP address on single NIC in Linux

Setting up two IP address on one NIC This is a small how-to to set up two are more IP address on single LAN card. There are some times which require two IP address to set up so that we can make a Linux box as a router. This can be possible without even having(…)

Learn Linux/Unix Find command with 60+ Practical examples Part-I

60+ Practical find commands examples with explanation find command is very much powerful command which can do good work when its needed to find files with conditions. Find command  is useful when finding files with complex requirement such as size, permissions etc. Suppose we want to find a file which is a regular file and its size is more than 1GB(…)

SED(Stream EDitor ) Explained in detail for Linux/Unix

Learn SED with examples Before going to learn SED a brief intro is required. a)sed is a Stream EDitor. b)It reads line by line when a file is feed to it. c)sed will not edit the input file by default and it displays output on the screen. d)SED is mainly used for search for a(…)

Grep command with Regular expressions examples -II

In our previous post we saw how to use grep to search for words and played across different options. In this post we will see how to use Basic regular expressions to increase the power of grep command. Basic regular expressions: ^ — Caret symbol, Match beginning of the line. $ — Match End of(…)

Linux Shadow file explained in detail

surendra:$6$1aEszVo.gsdPEr:15107:22:99999:207:205:105345 : 1                                2                     3        4      5        6     7        8            9 1) User login name: This field gives details for user-login 2) Encrypted password: The password is in encryption form8) No of days from Jan 1, 1970 the account was disabled: and its MD5 encrypted form. This field may contain following things !!(…)

How to find similar or duplicate files in Linux/Unix

Recently I have bought an USB hard-disk which is 2TB for $90 from US. And I have copied some English movies around 500GB from one of my friends Hard disk. Then when I am checking the content I found that some of the movies are repeated and that to with different names, in different folders(…)

How To Find Growing Files In Linux?

I have a requirement where I have to find some core/log files which are growing continuously and eating up my disk space in one of the production server. Now my job is to find them  and delete some of them which are not required. For this we have to follow below procedure to get the files which are(…)

How To Create, Resize And Convert Images or photo’s In Linux?

Mogrify and convert commands are excellent commands to convert or resize the image file in Linux and many more we can do. Please have a look at their man pages for more information The main different comes when creating the file. Mogrify will replace the original file with a new file where as convert will(…)

Difference Between apt-get Update And apt-get Upgrade Commands

apt-get is the command to do package/application management in Debain based machines such as Ubuntu. There is a slight difference between update and upgrade options. #apt-get update Is the command to update the source list, if you modify the source list or you want to make a sync refresh or added new ppa source then(…)

VIM editor : How To Show Line Number In A File

How can we show the  line numbers using vim? Ans : It is easy to debug problem when vim shows line numbers. This can be done when you are in command mode. To go to command more from any mode just press esc key Then try typing below line and then enter. :set nu This(…)