Ubuntu 9.10 Released With New Features

As October is going to end, new OS version of well know UBUNTU is released from Canonical. And the code name of this OS is Karmic Koala. From this release UBUNTU entered in to notebook OS too. So there are three variants of UBUNTU now, which are as follows. 1.UBUNTU(Kubuntu,edubuntu etc) 2.Net-book Remix 3.Ubuntu server(…)

Firefox 3.5 Released

Fire fox 3.5 version is released with some good features such as private browsing(which is already implemented in IE and Chrome some long time back). Here are the features which is new to FF3.5 Private browsing Tab tearing HTML5 support Forget this site Geo-location I see most of the features are brought from Chrome.. What(…)

Get the basic Linux book

This post is for the beginners who want’s to start learning linux, which contains Introduction Shell Tips Help Re-directing operators Basic file system System monitoring Disk management User management Text Editors Mathematical tools Network Management Security Backup/Restore Scheduling etc… So many basic consepts with good explination for new Linux users. Get the book here. Please(…)

Get a free shell account online

GET A FREE SHELL ACCOUNT ONLINE.A shell is an utility from where you can access Linux/*Nix servers from any where and execute the commands/scripts etc. This post is for the users who are new to linux/Nix and want to feel/work on the Linux with out installing on the system. ““ is free online BSD(Berkeley Software(…)

10 Commandments !! U like it for sure!!

This is a guest post by Praveen 10 COMMANDMENTS !! U LIKE IT FOR SURE !! =>1 People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway. =>2 If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Do good anyway. =>3 If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.(…)

New RHCE Examination pattern

Recently from 1st May 2009 RHCE(Red Hat Certified Engineer) exam pattern has been changed. Some of the high lights are as follows.. The examination time has been reduced to 3.5 hours from 5.5 hours as it was previously Previously, there will be two sessions one with 2.5hour(for basic troubleshooting) session and 3hours session(for server and security(…)


Actually i am Google centric guy,who always romming around google google google to find out what Google is inventing day today. I am regular reader of and blogs, both the sites are totaly discuessing google releated information/hacks etcSo comming to the point why i am saying all this to u? that too in(…)

Light Weight Linux

There are so many applications which will allow you to use linux on Windows such as VMWARE , Virtual Box etc. Or there is some emulator kind of software’s which will allow you to run Linux on Windows.One such application today what I am going to discuss is wubi its just like a software we(…)