Introducing theme of the month at

Update1:As of now we started with RHCE concepts and in future we will move on to advanced concepts such as virtualization, CVS, Monitoring, Storage etc. Update2:Started posting on DNS stuff this month Hi all, We are planing to systematically write quality posts on Linux admin stuff at which every Linux administrators are facing in day today activities. In(…)

Require your valuable inputs on new site name selection

Hi all,          I am planing to start a technology website on this Dasara(An auspicious day in India, to start anything new). I selected some names(Which are not at registered) and require your thoughts on this. Please select 3 sites(utmost 5) which should be 1)Catchy.. 2)Should not confuse when telling to friends on phone/orally(for example tech2web.. this(…)

weekly Major Linux distro release updates from

Here are this week updates.. Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 released: Ubuntu is the most popular Desktop Linux operating system at present. Download Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 here. There are many flavors/variants in Ubuntu as shown below: Edubuntu: A complete Ubuntu based OS for primary and secondary education users. Gobuntu: The main aim of this Ubuntu(…)

Major Linux distro release updates on weekly basies at

Hi Linux Lovers/Admins,                                        From today we are going to give brief update about major releases of Linux distributions on Weekly basis. What is the benefit you will get from this? You will come to know latest news about major Linux distribution releases which will help you get more in sight of different distributions.  Some(…)

Redhat Enterprise Linux version 6 aka RHEL6 features

Recently I attended one presentation from Redhat people on RHEL6 features. Some of the mesmerizing features as below. 85% more packages(Applications/softwares/tools) then RHEL5 RHEL6 supports up to 4096 CPU’s RAM supported by RHEL6 is up to16TB. File system up to 100TB with EXT4 file-system. Very much optimized to support many hardware Can control 90000 jobs/min(I(…)

Linux Kernel 3.0 release date is announced

Update:Today 07-22-2011 Linux Kernel 3.0 is released. Get the source code here Recently Linus Torvalds announced he is going to release kernel 3.0 instead of kernel 2.6.40. My career started with 2.6 version kernel and 2.x.x is there in the market for almost 15 years(2.0 is released on 9 June 1996) for now. here is(…)

We refreshed our logo to match our new site design

I am happy to announce one more update. We recreated new logo to our site “” the above logo is our brand from here after. you will see this every where from now on This is just a TLJ tilted bit left side. The logo indicates just “The Linux Juggernaut“. Please feel free to(…)

Mailing list enabled for The Linux Juggernaut

Hi all, I am very much pleased with initiation of mailing list for “The Linux Juggernaut” blog. Now you can receive weekly digest e-mail on blog activity. Please register your self by clicking below link Register for mailing list Thanks, Site admin. Related posts: New Look For Linux Juggernaut With WordPress For Better Blogging…)

New Look For Linux Juggernaut With WordPress For Better Blogging

Hey Buddies, I am very happy to announce you guyz about my site new look and feel after some struggle for me and my team from past 2 to 3 weeks in coding and moving content from Blogger to WordPress for better blogging and make you guyz feel comfortable with browsing my blog. With the(…) is active for Public

Hi all, I am very much pleased to announce Christmas/New year gift for you people. We just started our new Linux/Unix forums to resolve our issues which we are facing on day to day basis at work as well as home. Please join hands with us to help others who are in need. The forums(…)