Linux interview questions

1)How to compile Apache? 2)Users come to you and they will be saying mail server is very slow, what are the necessary steps you will take to resolve this issue? 3)Which are the configuration files associate with DNS server and client? 4)Where you will provide ISP details for your network? 5)How you will configure Squid(…)

Linux Interview Questions:Google

Q2) Write a command to find all of the files which have been accessed within the last 30 days. A1) The Command is , find / -atime +30 A2) # find / -type f -mtime +30 A3) find / -type f -mtime -30 A4) find / -type f -atime -30 = accessed find / -type(…)

Linux interview questions.

what is the difference between soft link and hard link?what are the advantages with NFS?What is difference between LILO and GRUB?How you will troubleshoot if boot partation is missing?What is crontab?How you will install MYsql in different ways?What is the difference beween Mysql5.0 and 4.0 versions?the host is unreachable how you will resolve this issue?(…)

Linux Interview questions:Experienced

Experienced what is DNS?why we required CHROOT package? can you explain it?What is the location for DHCP server default leased configs file?what is the command and syntax to check DNS server named.conf file errors?What is the command and syntax to check DNS server zone files config errors?How do you update DNS zone file entries with(…)

Linux Interview Questions:Disk management

Disk managamenent linux Click here for other interview questions 1) How to creat swap if you dont have free partation?this is some what tricky question if you are new to Linux Administrationhere is the command to create swap if you dont have free partationbefore doing this you have switchoff the swapswapoff -add if=/dev/zero of=/root/swapfile bs=1k(…)

Linux Interview Questions:Basic

Basic linux interview questions 1)How do you find out what’s your shell? – echo $SHELL 2)What’s the command to find out today’s date? – date   3)How do you find out the current directory you’re in? – pwd 4)How do you find out your own username? – whoami/who am i 5)How do you send a(…)