Basic linux commands interview questions

1)Give me 15 commands which you use frequently Depends on the environment you work. Some examples are mkdir — For creating folders( use -p option to create multiple folders at a time) ls –List folders/files( check what ls -1 do) top — To monitor system activities lsof –To check whats happening on the server and(…)

Important Port numbers for the Linux system administrator

Linux Port numbers This is bit important post on understanding the ports, their details and numbers. Some FAQ related PORTS Q. What is a port? A port is piece of software which is used as docking point in your machine, where remote application can communicate. This is analogy to the physical ports for entering in to a(…)

Linux Interview questions:Experienced

1)Define a deamon? 2)Can we use crontab to run a script per second? if yes how? if no why? 3)How to create a deamon with shell scripting? 4)What is DDNS and how it works? 5)Which mail server is secureĀ  Sendmail or Postfix? 6)How can i check exit status of my previous command? 7)I have a(…)

Tell me why should we hire u as a Linux Admin?

This is a common question asked by Interviewers, When ever I remember this question I do get laugh. What is this guy asking such type of question which I don’t know how to answer. But if you think seriously you will come to know about you how capable you are in Linux Administration and will(…)

Best Interview I Have Ever Attended

Its been long time that I blogged here. The reason for this post is to share my experience of an interview. If you people think this is irrelevant, please feel free to comment at comment section, depending on your comments i will keep or remove this post. Because its just a general post not related(…)

Some interview topics

If you are preparing for interviews for linux admin jobs you should be familiar with below concepts.. 1) Port number of different servers {cat /etc/services} 2) Linux Installation(through FTP,HTTP,NFS) 3) Boot process 4) Diff b/w ext3 and ext2 5) RAID LEVELS and Selection of raid 6) backup methods 7) Package management such as Yum server(…)

Linux interview questions :FTP

LINUX INTERVIEW QUESTIONS : FTP One of my friend asked me why there is no answers for So many interview questions, basically most of the interview questions which are on this site are the interviews which happened to me so. At that time I am not able to Answer some of the questions, so from(…)

Linux Interview Questions: Experienced

1)How to implement Squid proxy?2)How to see bandwidth used by ftp user?3)ow to implement Squid as reverse proxy?4)How to see logs of Squid proxy?5)How to see cache in Squid proxy?6)How to clear Cache in Squid proxy?7)Totally how many configuration modules are there in Squid proxy?A)nearly some 127 modules in squid proxy8)What is the authentication used(…)

Linux Interview questions:Experienced

1)What is the difference between Xen and VMware?A)XEN : Xen is an open-source virtualization solution. The Xen hypervisor acts as a thin layer between the hardware and the operating system, allowing multiple virtual servers to run simultaneously on a single physical server. Each virtual server acts independently of the others, with its own allocated area(…)

Linux Interview Questions: Sendmail

The below questions are not my own, you can reach the author at -Ian! D. Allen – [email protected] – common misconception: the place/protocol you use to fetch your emailis the same place/protocol that you use to send your email: – sending email uses SMTP – reading email uses POP3 or IMAP – they can(…)