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We have a twitter handler where you will get latest updates from us about technology around the Linux and open source. We will keep updating twitter posts on regular basis. Our twitter handler is @linuxnix Please inform your friends, teammates, school friends and others who want to know about Linux and Linux administration to follow(…)

Refreshed to look better.

Hi all, We are happy to announce that we refreshed our site look and feel. From here on words the site will be more friendly without any cluttered look. We make it more user-friendly and removed unwanted things such as widgets, links and clutter data. We want to make a more user-friendly site and(…)

Redhat Flagship distro RHEL7 to release in 2013 second half

Redhat announced that they are going to release RHEL7 by second half of 2013 on the occasion of their 10th anniversary of RHEL1 release some 10 years back. Jim Totten, vice president and general manager at Red Hat’s Platform business unit announced this in a webcast. Related posts: Linux Kernel 3.0 release date is announced(…)

12 examples to use flower brackets in Linux

This is a small post on how to crate multiple files/folders, sequence generation with flower brackets in-order to save valuable time. Creating empty files can be done with touch command. We will see how to create multiple files using this command in one shot Example1: Create a file with name abc.txt touch abc.txt Example2: Create multiple(…)

7 Linux read command examples for Shell scripting

The read command is useful in scripts when reading or asking an input from user. This read command is used when the script want to interact with user for his inputs to contunue the script. read command syntax read VARIABLE Example1: Read a value from user input. read VAR1 To display this value we have to(…)

9 linux sort command examples to sort files

This is a small tutorial on how to use sort command to sort a file for some meaning full output. Sorting is very much useful when dealing with DB files, CSV, xls, log files in fact a text file to. By default sort command will sort according to alpha-bates. First sort tries to sort according(…)

How to find command location in Linux?

How to find command location in Linux and Unix This is a small how to on finding your command location. Some times its required to find command location to use it as path is not set properly to /bin or /sbin or some other folder. And some times we install packages through scripts where the(…)

How to setup two IP address on single NIC in Linux

Setting up two IP address on one NIC This is a small how-to to set up two are more IP address on single LAN card. There are some times which require two IP address to set up so that we can make a Linux box as a router. This can be possible without even having(…)

Convert Binary,HEX, Oct to decimal in Linux/Unix

This is a small Shell tutorial on how to convert different bases to other bases. Some times when working as system admin you require to convert different number systems to others. In this post we will see how to convert different number systems to others. Decimal to Binary echo "obase=2; 23" | bc Output: 10111(…)

How to View or see only directories in Linux

How to view/list only directories in Linux? This is a small post for Linux new babies. Viewing folders can be achieved by two ways in linux/unix Through ls command Through find command With ls we have to use grep to get the directory listings.. Ls –l | grep ^d Example [root@test surendra_a]# ls -l |(…)