NIC Bonding In Linux

Nic bonding is defined as bonding of two or more network cards on a server/pc to form a parallel single connection. This is a great way of achieving redundancy to a server if its having more number of network cards. Its having many names like. 1. Link aggregation 2. Channel Bonding 3. NIC Bonding 4.(…)

Failed To Make Swap Directory Cache (13) Permission Denied

When installing squid as cache server you have to create cache folder with “squid -z” command with out quotes. But when you are trying this you will see /usr/local/squid/sbin# ./squid -z2010/04/29 22:39:16Creating Swap DirectoriesFATAL : Failed to make swap directory /usr/local/squid/var/cache: (13) Permission deniedSquid Cache (Version 2.5.STABLE5) : Terminated abnormally. CPU Usage : 0.000 seconds(…)

How To Change The Date In Linux?

How can we change the date/time in linux?Ans : Changing date in linux is bit confusing. If you want to change date in GUI its very much easy and if you want to change it when it comes to CLI its bit hard to remember it.Date is the command to check whats the present date#date(…)

How To Set A PHP Path In Linux?

How can we set PHP path in linux?Ans : When you install PHP and host some .php files on webserver your web server will not detect it. This is because your Apache server does not know how to interprit PHP files? And and where is php located? To eleminate this issue we have to set(…)