Do you know what dmidecode command will do?
Ans :
Are you going to search in google about dmidecode? No need to search boss. No need to go any where. Linux provied many help tools to make you familiar with any command. This post is all about these commands/options and they are as follows. command
2. man command
3. –help option
4. whatis command
5. whereis comman

6)which command

7)help command

First command in this list is
1. info command(Information command) :
info is a good command which will describe all about the command in detail. Its like lots and lots of pages of information will be there for a single command.

Example :
info ls
The above command will show full help about ls command which is of 10 pages. This will give full information.

2. man command(manual command)
This will give little bit less descriptive but will provied information which you require, and most of the times each option of a command will be described in one sentence and some times in paragraphs.

Example :
man ls

3. –help option
This option is to give one line discription to each option of the command

Example :
ls –help
Please remember –help may present or not present to a command.

4. whatis command
This will show one line description to a give command,
whatis ls

5. whereis command

This is not a help command but i feel describing this here. This command will show the location of any command and its man page location as well.
whereis ls

6)Which command

This is one more command which will give you the location of the command.

7)help command

some times you try to find out info on some commands such ad cd, pwd etc. But you will see many commands info at a time. This is due to the inbuilt commands. So with man, info etc you can get much info about the inbuilt commands. if you want to get info on inbuilt commands you have use help command

help let

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