How To : FTPS Server Configuration in Linux

 How to implement FTPS server in Linux I astonish all the time when I see the FTP package name. vsftpd which abbreviated to Very Secure File Transfer Demon(vsftpd). But when we see the security prospective of this package there is no much security included with this package. I mean when you login to server the(…)

Converting Sun Virtualbox vmi file To Vmware vmdk file

This article show you how to convert Sun Virtualbox vmi file to Vmware vmdk file. Recently I have started using Ubuntu as my desktop in my company. And installed Sun Virtualbox for test VMs. But most of the people have vmplayer installed. So they donot know how to use this vmi images on a windows(…)

File types In Linux/Unix explained in detail.

"How many types of files are there in Linux/Unix and what are they?" This is a common question to every person who starts to learn Linux. O.K, why is it that much important to know file types? Answer: This is because Linux considers every thing as a file. When ever you start working on Linux/Unix(…)

How to : Confiugre Pidgin To Connect Microsoft OCS/LCS IM Server

Note:I am seeing so many people visiting this page, but leaving early.. please feel free to comment at comment section what problems you faced in installing PIDGIN, i am very much interested in helping you.. Good news for all the Linux lovers who are working in Corporate companies where most of the communication is through(…)

How To : Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)

Guest post by Sandeep Yadav( He is having 2+ years of experience in Linux administration and he is a good at automating system admin task through shell scripting. You can reach him at [email protected] I will tell you how we can configure LTSP server for our lab with telnet, rdesktop, shell and startx ( for(…)

Right Click To Open A Document

How to open a document/spreed sheet or any office document on right clicking with mouse on a desktop or in a folder in Linux(Ubuntu/Redhat)?Ans : By default there is no option to open a document/spreed sheet on right clicking on a desktop or in a folder, This is default option in Window$. If you are(…)

How To Change The Background Of A Terminal?

These days I am tweeking around Ubuntu desktop, one tweek I did today. How to change the background of a terminial?The change really rocked my desktop look. Just have a look at my terminal after I have changed the background of it. So you people want to try?Ans : Just do as follows. have good(…)

How To Generate Randum Password

How to create Random password quickly in Linux? Some times when creating bulk users, admins are forced to create complex passwords. But how to do it? How many you can set manually? Let me put it in this way. For one or two users we can think for a random password and assign to them.(…)

How To Change The Default Editor In Ubuntu

In most of the Linux distribution the defalut editor is set to “VI” and its very much popular editor too. But the strange in Ubuntu the default editor is “nano”. But most of the people are well in using vi editor. Here in this post I am going to show how to change the default(…)

How To Play .ram(Real Audio Metadata) In Redhat/Ubunto

The .ram (Real Audio Metadata) is an properitery audo formate from Real media network’s which is having its player called Real player.This format is a stream media format, ie media is stramed from other source. So how to play this file in Linux?Ans : To play this we have to install mplayer. you may get(…)