How To View CHM Files In Linux?

If you are a book worm then defiantly you will know what is a CHM file?For those who don’t know the CHM files let me explain it. CHM file is a compiled HTML files/document(s) in to a e-book kind so that we can view and index easily. This formate is the proprietary of Microsoft and(…)

Configuration of SQUID Reverse Proxy

Recently my boss assigned me to work on SQUID reverse proxy. I thought it’s an easy task and started working on it. But when days started going on, I realised that it’s not going to happen in a night. And at last I found the solution some two days back. This post is about How(…)

How To View PDF Files/Documents In Linux?

When i started using Linux. Big question was in my mind is whether i can view PDF(Portable Document Format) files or not? but as Linux prove to be “get your work done in many ways”. a classic example is PDF viewers in Linux. Its very much easy to install PDF viewerYou can install eitherxpdfFor Red-hat(…)

Contribute To With Hacks/Tutorials/Tips Etc.

Contribute Howtos/tips/configurations/hacks/Tutorials etc Do you like Have written a tutorial and would you like to share it with others, you can publish it on Register your self by sending a mail to [email protected] about your interest. We will contact you back. Help Us To Serve You Better…!   Do and don't : Please(…)

Access Linux From Windows Through Virtual Network Computing(VNC)

VNC(Virtual Network Computing) is an open source utility to access any remote host through GUI. In this post we will see how to login to Linux server from a windows machine. Step1 : Install VNCserver on Linux machine#rpm –ivh vnc-server-4.1.2-9.el5.i386.rpm Step2 : Start VNC server now#service vncserver restart#vncserver Note and this is very important :1.(…)

Google’s Browser For Linux And MAC World Relesed

Hello every one…! Google released its browser for Linux and MAC world officially. There is an unofficial build which most of the Linux geeks using till this point. Now its officially build from Google with a rotine beta tag. Though Google (many)servers run on linux, Google have showed less intrest to linux based applications(For example(…)

IPTables In Linux Explained

IPtables (Netfilter) :IPtables is the default firewall for Linux. Its a vast subject which can not be covered in one post. I will try to give as much info as possible at the same time not to make it complex. Lets start with basics. What is a firewall?Ans : A firewall is a part of(…)

Job Portal On —

Some days back I faced a strange situation.. which i felt very much bad on my self. I have a word with one of the Orkut user who is in search of a Linux admin job. He scraped me “if any openings please inform me..” I got little bit angry and with out second though(…)


Though this is a basic topic known to many of you, But I want to share so that some one will get new things.BASH(Broune Again Shell) is the default shell in Linux, which will act as a communicator between Kernel and user. Its having so many capabilities such asa.Short cutsb.Command chainingc.HistoryAs I mention we will(…)


Major differences between RHEL4 & RHEL51.Virtualization added in RHEL52.Package installation method changed to YUM(Yellow-dog Updater Modifier) in RHEL53.Redhat Clustring added in RHEL54.RHEL5 now supports unlimited RAM and Hard disk5.Now varients in RHEL5 are * Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform (former AS) * Red Hat Enterprise Linux (former ES) (limited to 2 CPU-s) * Red(…)