Linux Features

1)multitasking: several programs running at the same time is called multitasking.2)multiuser: several users on the same machine at the same time through different terminals/from remote hosts.3)multiplatform: runs on many different CPUs, not just Intel like AMD too. 4)multiprocessor: SMP(Symetri multi processing) support is available on

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How to create Linux Swap file?

The swap partition is a place where system will keep temporary files so that it can do the processing of data bit faster. Suppose your swap is getting filled and there is no raw partition left for creating swap partition on the

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Linux Swap creation step by step creation

Before doing any thing about swap we should know what is swap, for what purpose the swap is useful and other stuff related to swap management. What is a swap in Linux? When we are running applications in Linux their frequently used

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